Edward N. Gideon, Jr.

C-Suite Consultant, Executive Leadership Training & Keynote Speaker, Vistage International Speaker, Entrepreneurs’ Organization Speaker

What Clients Say..

Coach Ed, I just wanted to take a few moments to say Thank you. I am so grateful that I met you. You have not only shown me the importance of setting specific goals, but how to achieve them. Through your various workshops, seminars, profit club, and one on one coaching, you have helped me begin to pave a road to success. Your coaching expects a lot of me, but its fun and I enjoy seeing the growth I have made professionally and personally. Your coaching has helped on many tasks. To name a few: financials, day to day operations, expectations of employees, test and measuring results, writing ads that work, and my favorite … celebrating my accomplishments, big and small. I look forward to working with you for many years. With your coaching, our 25 year old family business will keep flourishing. I cannot emphasize enough to business owners that the best investment a business can make, is to invest in itself with a business coach. Action Coach Ed, you are awesome. Thanks so much!!!
Stork News of America, INCFayetteville, N.C.


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