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Stories Can Change Behavior: You Can Change Lives—Executive Summary

Storytelling in business has emerged as a key leadership competency and communication skill. When done well it is a powerful method to connect, engage and influence people more effectively.” from blog by: Gabrielle Dolan

We learn: why stories are effective, why people respond to stories, where to look for stories, hear multiple examples. Learn to engage, be authentic, real, relevant. Learn to paint a picture with words. This is not about jokes or inane stories. This is about PROFESSIONAL, EXECUTIVE communication so you can:

*Increase Your Sales *Amplify Your Ability to Persuade, Build Trust, Influence & Communicate *More effective Meetings, Sales Presentations *and more

Executive Training Options: Executive StoryTelling :One hour presentation: Speech with Q & A as time permits. Unlimited audience. Three hour seminar/retreat: Lecture, story creation/delivery. Interactive, high energy. 10-12 attendees. Eight Hour Retreat: Three hour with expanded content, exercises and story creation/delivery time. All Options are engaging, high energy, participation-required learning environments. Up to 32 attendees.

What you will learn: Why a story trumps data dumps. Why people respond positively to stories, which then causes the Action we want them to take. How to find and craft a story, then deliver it with your message. Storytelling is an acquired craft anyone can learn…and it’s easy! Who should attend: Leaders at all levels. Hands on instruction and participation—no one can just sit or slide by. You make several presentations with multiple objectives of your storytelling (sales, influence your team, etc.) Personalized instruction/assistance—everyone gets face time with Ed. Learn where and how to find stories, then craft them to your purpose. Experienced instructor—Ed has been speaking, training, growing businesses and people for over 4 decades. Awareness of where to find stories—they are all around us. The best come from our own experience and history. Continuing assistance and follow-up—you have Ed’s email and phone number to use any time. Customize a story for your next presentation, sales call, meeting with investors, negotiation, etc. Educational information, files and handouts—over 20 pages of stories you can use to craft your message, multiple articles, Ed’s personalized story-building template. Learning Environment: Class sizes are purposely structured so personal instruction is possible. Typically, small group settings allow for immediate and valuable feedback. Time after time we have seen students gain valuable experience by directly interacting with others. Group exercises can mirror your real-world business presentations.

. Contact: Breakthroughs for Success

Ed Gideon—CEO (Vistage International & Entrepreneurs’ Organization Speaker) offices: Greensboro & Pinehurst, NC 336-255-0740 ed@edgideon.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/edgideon Blog: edgideoncoach.wordpress.com

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