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A Better Team?

How are you planning to get there? 

Business owners are looking for someone to help them build their business. Their challenges are in Time, Team and Money. The Coach helps them solve challenges they can’t solve or can’t see. The unbiased, third party view is the advantage a coach brings to every client. They aren’t there to be a friend at the expense of results.

Why Hire a Coach

For coaching to be effective it has to start with the result in mind. No professional sports coach ever coaches a team by simply playing the game. They are coaching to win the championship. They have a plan. It is adjusted frequently. A business coach does the same thing. There is an absolute focus on the results.

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How can a coach assist a field of practice or business in which they have no specific experience? 

Confirm your prospective coach’s business experience. Experienced coaches deliver solutions to every level and type of business or practice. Business ownership and senior executive experience is critical. Nice guys aren’t the measure. A “coach” designation from some structured course of learning is nice, but a coach must “have been there.” Further, be sure the coach utilizes a set of systems to help clients achieve the success they seek. Without this assurance one is simply buying a promise. And a fresh perspective is always preferable. No lingering clutter from “the way we used to do it.”

My business is very exacting. It required years of school/training. It cannot be practiced by someone who isn’t licensed. How can a coach help me who isn’t licensed like me?

The coach works on the business aspect of your practice, not the specific field. Medical, legal, CPAs hire business coaches to work on the business, not the application of their profession.

Coach provides every client with accountability and helps them focus on building a sustainable business. They act as a correctional device to keep clients on target.

A highly motivated person uses a coach in the same way when he or she has chosen a worthwhile goal. A coach can assist you in making adjustments and navigating through difficult times.

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Importance of Goals

The process of selecting a mentor begins with a clear-sighted view of what your life’s goals are, both for your career and your personal life.

Selecting a mentor is not just a matter of finding someone you like or someone with whom you can identify. Make sure that the mentors you choose have a genuine history of success. 

When you seek support and feedback, be sure it is from people who are truly interested in seeing you succeed. Don’t seek feedback from fair-weather friends, competitive peers, or any person who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Neutral doesn’t count. Get feedback from someone who is on your side, but will still be objective and brutally honest with you.

Ultimately, nobody else is responsible for your life but you. Nobody else is accountable for your actions but you. Therefore, nobody’s expectations for you and opinions about you are as important as your own. So make sure your opinions take precedence in your mind over all others, and when you do need to consult with someone else, think very carefully before you choose exactly who.

Do you run your business or does your business run you?

Is your business hitting your goals and creating the life you want? Do you feel like you’ve lost control?…Then you need to hire a business coach.

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You don’t believe a business coach is as important as your accountant or lawyer to your business?

Answer these questions and reconsider:

Do you have proven methods and strategies to build your customer base and grow your bottom line? Who are you accountable to? Are you objective about your business? Do you want to start working less than ever before while gaining balance, freedom and profits?

A business coach can see the forest for the trees and will make you focus and be accountable. You may not believe it, but it’s impossible to get an objective answer from yourself about yourself. A business coach works alongside you, creating success together, telling you the objective truth at each step.

Most importantly, a good business coach helps you implement strategies into your business that grow your bottom line. The key is ‘help’, not ‘do’ for you. Remember, the strategies your coach gives you are proven to work, but it is up to you to make them work. The most important thing a business coach does is teach you that only you can be truly accountable for your own success.

Some of the areas any business can be coached in are: Sales, Marketing, Team Building, Systems and Business Development and Customer Service.

Your coach will push you, cajole you, help you and just generally be there for you, but it’s still up to you to do the work. Long-term success isn’t about just scraping the surface, and the right business coach can tap into your potential.

If you have a passion for success and are willing to work hard for great rewards, then contact a business coach today.     

Most small businesses fail because of limited vision, lack of financial planning and review, failure to establish company goals, poor market segmentation and strategy, poor knowledge of the competition, no management systems, over dependence on specific individuals, and/or focusing on the technical aspects more than the strategic aspects of the business.

If an owner is able to create a viable business, he often makes the mistake of continuing to work IN the business, instead of working ON the business. In essence he becomes an employee. His dreams slowly disappear as his days, weeks, months, and years are consumed by putting out fires simply to keep the doors open. 

How will your Business Coach help?

Most great athletes have had a coach who mentored them to their level of success and excellence. Most successful entrepreneurs have had advisers who have done the same. They realize the value of having experienced, objective guidance to help them reach their true potential.

Your Business Coach is your experienced, objective guide to mentor you in growing your business to its highest level of profitability!

Unlike a business consultant who comes in usually to assist in one or two areas temporarily, your Business Coach will work with you in all fundamental areas that affect your businesses profitability for at least one year on a weekly basis. Just as important, your Coach will help you create more free time to work ON your business and have you enjoy more time outside of your business.

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