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It has long been my observation that many people seem to drift through life as though in a dream. They are not as happy with their personal life or as successful in their business affairs as they might wish. They have lost sight of their goals and may not have realistic expectations. They usually have no idea how they got themselves into such a predicament.

The excellent book by Edward N. Gideon, Jr. entitled “Breakthroughs for Success: Nineteen Examples of Success Achieved by Real People” is a book that such a person needs to read, study, and follow.

Mr. Gideon writes in a forthright, easy-to-follow way. He outlines his theories in a way anyone can understand. He provides common-sense advice on how to turn one’s life, both business and personal, into something to be proud of, into something that is moving along nicely and improving, instead of drifting.

He discusses his theories on goal-setting, overcoming fears, changing what can be changed, fear of change itself, and actions one can take to counteract such behavior and listless thinking.

He goes into detail with his theories such as the Law of Attraction and the Law of Correspondence. He writes sagely about positive mental attitude. And, at the back of the book, he outlines how a person can realistically put his advice into practical use in one’s life. To understand just what it is that they wish to happen to turn their life around and how to achieve those wishes.

Mr. Gideon has everything in the way of education and experience that make his words resonate with the truth. This book is not a self-help exercise warmed over. It is a cogent and practical exercise in setting and achieving goals for people who have never done so, and ways that people who have already started that process, to do it better.

- John H. Tull


Hi Ed,

Thank you for the Thanksgiving note and for the personal note I received at MU this week.

Derrick Misenheimer from my Wednesday class will be joining the group of 4 students from my Tuesday class. Therefore, you will be meeting with a total of 5 guys instead of 4. I will need to touch base with them to determine an alternate time. With the holiday, I would expect that it will be next week before I hear back from all 5 students. Please go ahead with your appointment. We will make other arrangements on this end. Students do not have class on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday at 11:00am. That is why it worked for all of them. What would be your time range available on Friday morning? Also, are you available on Monday, December 3rd at 11:00?

I had a one on one talk with Derrick this week and gave him your book. He was thrilled! He was taking it home over Thanksgiving to begin reading. Also, he did set his personal goals as you had asked. Thank you for your kindness in changing the lives of others. It is an exciting time for young people to consider the possibilities. I wish I had met you when I was at their age.

Ed, have a fabulous thanksgiving with your family. We have a lot to be thankful for. Let me know what you think. I will be in touch by next week.

- Dena Dail Breece, MBA, CPA


Thank you Mr. Gideon, we really enjoyed your visit. You did an outstanding job in class today, the practical information coupled with the formulas you wrote on the board coupled with your rich life experiences were superior. … I hope the leadership text, MU magazine and Tally Leadership note pad will be a continual reminder of our appreciation. … We look forward to your next visit. … Thank you for your generous heart in wanting to mentor the next generation of leaders and for your interest in Methodist University. May God richly bless you, and again, much appreciation, Dave Turner.

- Dave Turner



I have finally had a chance to read your book (I usually do my book reading when I fly but have been grounded lately for other happenings).

I loved it! Knowing you somewhat, it was wonderful to hear your voice as I read. As a matter of fact, the timing was perfect as I have a colleague who has come to me for some support. I am going to share your book as you have said better what I would/should say. I loved your constant themes —– goals and attitude! I have read this before, I thought I understood and did it, but finally I really understood —- thank goodness! Being thus grounded allowed me to love what I did and now to love my life afterward. Though there is still much to do and I learned new lessons every day, I was fulfilled. I am so grateful that I finally found the golden key. So I believe whole-heartedly in what you have written!

Thank you for sharing your book and asking me to respond — that gave me some accountability. I love the reminder, for even now, goals make a difference.

– Susan Purser


Entertaining and informative. I felt Ed was speaking directly to me and really cared about the success of both my business and my personal future. When everything in the news about the economy and business is doom and gloom this book reminded me that I determine my own future and my own success. Techniques in this book are easy to understand and apply. Most are so simple that you have no excuse not to use them. Just like in the military, the maximum effective range of an excuse is zero meters. We have seen a 15% growth in sales this year by simply implementing the techniques demonstrated in this book.

– PSG Mark “Mark”


What I like about Ed’s book is that it is practical. There are a million books out there that discuss great theory but give little in the implementation. Ed’s the opposite, not only are there real life stories about how to use the principles but also a step by step plan to follow to make sure that you get the wheels in motion to start accomplishing what you want to accomplish. It’s awesome.

– Steve Brock


Ed has created a very readable, real life, useful book. It contains examples and illustrations instead of theory and fluff. I would recommend this book for anyone and particularly for anyone in business.

– William Gilliland


I’ve been a teacher/trainer/learning facilitator for most of my adult working life. My focus is Leadership, (people skills), Management, Organization, Time Management, etc. It is refreshing to see a book written that brings the fundamentals of business back into the sunshine again. No spin, no political correctness, (thank you Mr. Gideon), just business fundamentals that have been tried and tested over time and they work. My client is typically an entrepreneur trying to enhance his/her business competencies and acumen or they are trying to get their business to the next level. Either way, “Breakthroughs for Success” is on top of their required reading list.

– Les Colegrove – BS, MBA.


I’ve not read a book so concise and to the point. This book only took a few hours to complete but has made a real difference in my thought process. I’ve waited way too long to find and clarify my WHY. I’ve now spent the weekend thinking only of this. I need to get it right in order to have what I want from my life. And then Ed makes a beautiful case for “Placing your order” as if you already have it. I’ve been way too slack. This book kicked my butt and made me realize I am in control of my life and no one else. If I don’t get up and get going, then there is no one else to blame, just me. Thanks Ed,,,great work!!

– TMarder


Breakthroughs for Success: Speaks of real people doing real things re-evaluating. People who sought out and found a coach to help change some or all of their business model. It doesn’t take but one thought, a little support, the tweaking of one design, a different way of looking at the same situation to change the entire strategy of a company, a process or a Battalion. When one gets so caught up and immersed in what they are doing the “Can’t see the forest for the trees” syndrome kicks in, they need another set of eyes and ears, a person with experience, a coach.

Michelangelo was coached by the masters of the period. Between 1501-1504 he carved a statue of the Biblical hero David from a block of marble. When asked what it took to create such a great statue he said “I did what I have learned. I took my chisel and my hammer and removed all the unnecessary marble”.

Ed Gideon has forty-plus years of experience in many facets of the business arena as well as life in general. 40 years of experience takes 40 years to get. The people referenced in Breakthroughs for Success didn’t have 40 years. What they needed, they needed now. Ed’s 40 years not only helps his clients to eliminate the unnecessary marble it also helped to thin the trees, create the successes.

– anonymous


This book is written for anyone caught in the endless maze of trying to define what options to pursue…what objectives for their life or business . It is for those that have a sense of direction but just can’t seem to put their finger on the specifics that will give them the confidence to dedicate the needed energy and commitment to pursuing a productive life or successful business.

This book is a clear and concise statement about what it takes to stand up to the call… the call for a positive.. productive meaningful life. One lived with clarity and purpose. .. ideal for the young adult who just can’t quite put their mind on committing to a life lived with purpose and happiness.

This book is targeted for small business owner… who tends to see so much of the big picture …that the smaller productive steps to success are overlooked. The accumulation of much result in growing the business day to day successfully. ..!

This book is a step by step portrayal of how to manage one’s efforts to a productive positive result. Whether building a business… defining a life’s pursuit or simply representing yourself day today with a “personal brand”… that contributes positively to all those encountered. Being a person of worth… is a life lived with a positive sense of well being and one that contributes to others in a positive encouraging way.

Whether we are talking about representing your self with the qualities that promote self respect and regard for the other person or we are talking about how best to evaluate the Operating Statement for the business… this book focuses on the how to…the how to …” make it happen”.. not just how to think about it ..or not just how to plan for it …BUT to “ actually make it happen “ ….how to experience the anticipated results that are the core of all success businesses and life’s.

– anonymous


Have a good weekend – I am re-reading your book – seriously, it really is good – I really like the part about WHAT IS HOLDING ME BACK – subconsciously – very interesting to think about – I know it is there – I just haven’t figured it out yet

– anonymous


You asked me to give you feedback on your book.
I finished it this weekend.

  • I like the fact that the chapters are short which makes it an easy read.
  • I really loved the goals chapter as well as the dream charts.
  • The cross analogy on Page 42 was really compelling.
  • I particularly liked the idea about the 18 times to start over in golf and endless times to start over in real life
  • Lastly, I found your “out of the box” idea of looking at defeat as a chance to try again particularly enlightening.

Thanks for writing a great book.

– anonymous


Hi Ed:

Had to smile when I saw “The Harder you Work the Luckier you Get”. Has been my mantra for years. Enjoyed the read. You and Phil Knight “Just do it”, obviously many people need the direction pointed out and it’s laid out by you very concisely. Setting attainable and realistic goals has always been the key, hasn’t it!
Hope to see you soon…..

– Joe


(the following is from a close friend of my wife. She wrote the email directly to her)

Marilyn, I can’t tell you how much this book means to me. I just may have found the way to get my life on track! I have so many of these issues,(some of which you know) and I feel like this can certainly be the push I have needed ………..forever!

Ed is a delightful author! I feel like he is sitting in the room talking with me! He has a wonderful way of expressing himself without being intimating, and so much of what he says makes me feel (personally), that he has “been there” himself in some instances. He makes you feel as though everything is possible with the right tools! I am ordering another one to be sent to George, today. He needs this and I know it will be so helpful.

Edward has provided an invaluable tool for those of us who need just this kind of help…… Please thank him for me……….Thanks for your friendship!

– anonymous


Please tell Ed that I was so impressed with his interview on Fox news telling about his recently published book. As a matter of fact, I’d like to read the book. Can I get it on my Kindle? I was particularly Impressed with Ed’s polished professionalism!!

– anonymous


(The following is an article written by one of my clients. She published it in a local magazine in Fayetteville, NC)

In a previous issue, I wrote an article called, “Fear & Blame”. Today’s article is an extension of how I believe that fear, blame, and gratitude contribute to how we experience our lives.

Edward N. Gideon Jr., a friend of mine, recently published a book called Breakthroughs for Success: Nineteen Examples of Success Achieved by Real People where he explores these themes. Below I highlight just a few very powerful ideas that when considered and implemented in your life, can lead to incredible changes.

The first theme is FEAR: False Expectations Appearing Real. I truly believe that if you are not achieving or receiving something that you desire whether it be professionally or personally, you are afraid of something or blaming yourself or someone else.

One of the best ways to overcome fear is through gratitude.

How does one experience gratitude? Ed mentioned that one of the best ways to do that is to do nice things for others. You do not need to over think it or over complicate it. You should do simple things. Some suggestions might be to hold a door for someone, make eye contact and smile, and say “Hello”. To my friends I explain this as having one’s light on. When your light is on, people are drawn to you, things come easily, you are enthusiastic and excited about life and the things/gifts you receive.

Ed identified another way of overcoming fear and experiencing gratitude is to “get away from and stay away from negative people.” These people “drain life from you… They look for excuses; they blame everyone else for everything…”

I have become incredibly sensitive to negativity. Instead of judging “negative” people, I think of them as people with values and views that differ from mine. They view obstacles, problems, successes different than me. They are in a different place and that is okay. Not all people are meant to be together. The beauty of life and the country in which we live is that we can choose the people with whom we surround ourselves. I recommend you surround yourself with those who lift you up, inspire you and are encouraged and challenged and possibly even excited by obstacles or difficulties.

Ed quoted Quentin Danziger, “Our attitude toward the world defines who we are, so as we change our outlook on life, we change ourselves. We claim our personal power by defining ourselves, and we define ourselves through our approach to life.”

Is your life evolving how you envisioned? Are you experiencing all that you desire? Are you receiving love, money, relationships, growth, etc., the way you had hoped?

To close Ed provided this quote, “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.”

Stay tuned as I continue to explore ideas related to fear, blame, and gratitude in issues to come.

– anonymous


There appears to me, without really reading (all) and studying it, much good material for not only the person in business but for young people who are looking toward successful, productive lives. With that said, I want to get two books to share/give to some of my grandchildren. I’ll have more thoughts later which I’ll pass on.

– anonymous


Git down Ed – Nice job. I’ve been living and practicing what you describe in your book for many years. It’s nice to see someone focus on the fundamentals and not the flavor of the month. I have passed your book along to a couple of my business partners. Hope it sinks in.

Good job Ed.

– anonymous



I know that we plan well in advance for our monthly meetings, but I was introduced to a professional coach recently that I think would be a very engaging speaker for one of our meetings…Ed Gideon. I read his book, ‘Breakthroughs for Success’ and saw its application for us in HR, and all the areas that we support every day across all industries. One of the best parts, was that it spoke to the reader at a very basic level, giving real life examples, and quick exercises all in under 100 pages. If we have an opening, or if there is an interest to learn more I am more than happy to connect you up with Ed…just let me know.

Thank you,

– Erica S. Ring, BB, PMP, SPHR

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