I have been fortunate enough to attend one of Ed Gideon’s presentations during a recent “We Build Character” events. I also built a working connection with Ed subsequent to the event. Mr. Gideon does a superb job of collating and harmonizing the day to day business with the “Ranger’s Creed”. Ed provides inspiration to all who hear his comments. He desires to take his message/training to additional companies and organizations in the Detroit area. I indicated I would support his effort and forward his request. I am confident having Ed work with Masco Cabinetry would benefit the corporation in many ways.



It was great to meet you last evening!

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with our organization! We really appreciate your support and the effort to drive from North Carolina! Please have a safe journey home.  We hope to meet with you again in the future!

Attached are the photos that I took at last night’s event. Please feel free to use them in any way that you wish to promote yourself and your company!

Best Regards,



(seminar for We Build  Character, Detroit, MI.  5/19/16)

Thanks for speaking last night.  Again I think the stories related to the Rangers was a great correlation to business.  I have never been involved in the military, and I felt buy-in for the stories you told related to the work place.  I plan to send you a request for LinkedIn.

One of the things you talked about really hit me to the core.  I consider myself a person that has a lot of empathy, and I’m sure that is why if hit me.  When you were talking about the wounded warriors.  You said that they just want to talk with normal people.  To me that seems like it should be an easy task.   I’m going to do some research on my own, and I wondered if you had any ideas how I might be able to help.  I’m more of a listener than a talker, and if that is wounded warriors need I can help.

Thanks again.

(seminar for We Build  Character, Detroit, MI.  5/19/16)




I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your help. I know I’ve said it
many times in person but I thought a note of appreciate may help this comment stand
apart from the mindless ‘thanks’ that is heard every day in the business world.

You’ve been a consistent source of encouragement since I first attended your goals
workshop and I look forward to being able to say that you were a driving force in my
success. With the market turmoil and my business transition over the last 18 months, I
feel like I’m just now getting back on solid ground where the tipping point is well within
reach. With your encouragement I know there will be much more deserved thanks to

It’s wonderful to have a confidant who cares as much for my business’s success as I do.

Thank you,

Taylor Gillis Clement
Certified Financial Planner®


Dear Ed,

I wanted to thank you telling me about the Goal Setting seminar. The seminar was very well
structured and extremely helpful in getting me focused on why goals need to be set and the
process by which that is done.

As you said, “Unless you write it down, it probably will not happen”, That statement is true and
the Goals seminar has helped us to move forward in several areas of our business.

I just wanted to thank you for getting moving in a positive direction.

With best regards,

Mark W. Rice, LUTCF, CBIA, CIC


Wow, we have had a great day!!!!

Month-to-date, we are up in sales and in gross profit. Considering that we had no
phones or Internet for three days during the move, I could not be any happier.

The contact sheets went over great. Priscilla went crazy and called everyone she has
worked with in recent history and got lots of new quote requests and several orders.
Now Sharlae wants to follow her lead.

Maybe you have already worked your magic?????

We are having a sales meeting on Friday. I have hired a college student to come greet
customers and answer the phones so we can meet uninterrupted. I am going to tell my
team about the Christmas bonus we will give if they hit the annual sales goal you and I

I am also going to kick off the lO-spot reward. For this first time, I plan to give everyone
a lO-spot for something they have done we” recently. Lord knows they a” deserve it
after what we have been through.

My side of the house is fascinated with the coaching thing. They ask lots of questions
about what you and I are doing, and they seem to have really bought into making
positive changes so that Moore Exposure can continue to grow.

Thanks for everything. I look forward to our next meeting and what we can achieve
over the next few months.



Coach Ed,

I just wanted to take a few moments to say Thank you. I am so grateful that I met you. You have
not only shown me the importance of setting specific goals, but how to achieve them. Through your
various workshops, seminars, profit club, and one on one coaching, you have helped me begin to pave a
road to success. Your coaching expects a lot of me, but its fun and I enjoy seeing the growth I have made
professionally and personally. Your coaching has helped on many tasks. To name a few: financials, day to
day operations, expectations of employees, test and measuring results, writing ads that work, and my
favorite … celebrating my accomplishments, big and small. I look forward to working with you for many
years. With your coaching, our 25 year old family business will keep flourishing. I cannot emphasize
enough to business owners that the best investment a business can make, is to invest in itself with a
business coach. Action Coach Ed, you are awesome. Thanks so much!!!

Natalie K. Young

Stork News of America, INC
Fayetteville, N.C. 



Dear Ed,

I would like to high light my experiences working with you and the Action Coach Team, of
which you are free to share with others who might be considering entering your program.

When I began working with you we had three objectives in mind. One was to work on
growing the sales of the company by working on my ability to sell. Two was to work on my
time management. I never seemed to get ahead of my calendar like I wanted to do. And
three was to position the company’s sales and profits so I could retire in a 3 to 4 year time

We worked on the selling process, since I am the point man for sales. I found that when a
customer phones me with a need, if I will ask a few more questions I can learn even more
about the company. Previously I was solving the customer’s initial request or problem and
stopping there. With asking questions and visiting customers’ places of business we began
discovering more areas within their businesses that we could be of service. This helped our
customers gain trust and confidence in who we are, which has lead to increased sales. The
company is now gaining in a position that I can exit in the manner I had envisioned.

Putting a focus on time management with some easily implemented practices helped me
free up time for sales and marketing. Thanks to the systems we have learned the company
will substantially increase its size over the next year. Thanks to you and the Action Coach’s
approach to business management, my job has become even more enjoyable.

8est regards,

Jerry Ritter, President
Thermal Metal Treading Inc
Aberdeen, NC


Dear Coach Ed,

I have been in business for almost 19 years. My business has grown to the point where I
needed systems and structure. As importantly, we needed plans for my exit from the
business. I attended your Goals workshop as a part of our coaching. I was able to get
clarity on what we needed to do and build plans to implement the Actions. You helped
me stay on course, think through some rough spots and keep my focus on the end.

That company is doing well and I have started another business. Your Goals workshop
helped me have the confidence to change, to add a business and most importantly,
maintain my sanity. Thanks Coach.

Jane Holt, RN, CCM, QRP
Eastern Medical Consultants, Inc.


Dear Ed,

Here’s a revised version of the recommendation I wrote for you.

Details of the Recommendation: “Ed is amazing. We have been at a dead sprint since we
started, and we are not looking back. He has provided focus and direction. The reading
assignments, weekly meetings, seminars, all have been great. We have made tremendous
strides in a very short period of time. Thanks Ed!

UPDATE 4/25/12:

We are up over 35 for the year starting January, and coming out of what was typically
ours and the industry’s “slow” season. Well not anymore! Ed can have an immediate and
significant impact on your business and life. We continue to grow personally and
professionally along with our business everyday and loving every minute of it. Thanks
Coach Ed!”

Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2011


Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Working in an industry where I am at the mercy of the weather, taking a
new approach and perspective has helped me get focused, WRITE my
goals, and grow my business. I have a really hard time with structure and
completing tasks. The accountability piece of your program helps me
incorporate my creative side with my productivity. Thank you so much for
being available! Plus, I love our conversations about the Law of

Heather Wilkerson, MSW, LCSW, President


“After losing our largest customer in late 2008, we knew that our business needed a solid plan of attack in
order to rebound in 2009. Ed Gideon, ActionCOACH, has provided the solutions to our frustration and
lack of direction. Not only has his unique approach to coaching improved our bottom line but it has
renewed a positive attitude in our 20 year old small business. By implementing his strategies and
discussing our challenges with Ed, we not only survived the economic downturn but we have had more
fun doing it!”

Pat Harrison

NSP Specialty Products


It has been both a pleasure and a challenge making your acquaintance. Your positive

demeanor has made Action Club a wonderful experience, while the tasks therein have
caused me to rethink my “routine” and set lofty goals for personal and business growth.

As a logical minded workaholic, I often found myself burning midnight oil to keep our
practice problem free and productive. It seemed easier to do the task myself than to
entertain the notion that others could manage the tasks well – if only instructed. The
challenge to compile a complete systems manual for our practice satisfies my
commonsense approach to getting the job done while ensuring that we are consistent in
our service and quality. The labor I invest now will pay back later, if only in allowing me
to manage my time more wisely.

Thank you for your outside perspective and constant questioning that has fed my thought
path. I look forward to you checking in on my progress and know you will celebrate as
much as I will as I accomplish my goals.

Heather Hambrick, COA
Practice Manager
Family Eye Care of the Carolinas


Dear Coach Ed,

We started coaching in April 2009. Through our efforts, in that short period of time, my
business is poised to receive one of our largest bonuses ever for production and retention.
With your guidance we have developed our goals, plans, systems, TEAM and profits.

You have made sure we set goals and that we plan for success. We focus on business
building activities. You have been a great friend and confidant. Sometimes you aren’t
very NICE, but you always have my best interest in mind. I have appreciated your
confidence in me and that you have helped me grow in my business. As you know my
father started this agency in 1974 and I have owned it for 5 years, since 2005. We look
forward to growing it to new levels. Your assistance and attention have been
PRICELESS. You keep me going forward and staying focused on the task at hand.

Thanks Coach. Thanks for helping me know I can realize my dreams. Thanks for
showing us how we can succeed in tough economic times. I look forward to 2010 and


Sharon Eaton
Tolar Agency Inc.


 Dear Ed,

Thank you for introducing Dwight and me to business coaching. The experience has opened our
eyes to many areas of our business that we can improve.

The part we enjoyed and felt was the most useful to our long-term progress was the planning
and goal setting sessions. Although we have many more tasks to complete, we have already
accomplished many things that have been beneficial.

Getting involved with an Action Coach is something I would highly recommend for any
business. Coach Ed is “forcing” us to stay on track with the goals we have set. As a small
business owner, it is extremely easy to get bogged down in the everyday tasks ofthe business
and lose sight ofthe short and long range goals that are so vital to the business’ ultimate

Thank you, Coach Ed, for a wonderful opportunity!

 Cindy Ellison


This stuff is really working for me. I had a customer come in this morning to make a payment. I asked him if we would like to haveIn “on you side review” and he said yes. We reviewed his auto insurance and I was able to upsell him on higher limits of liability.
We reviewed his home insurance and I found him an additional discount to save him $69 per year. I then asked him about his life
nsurance. He said he did not have any. He left here with $100.000 to provide for his family in the event of his death. 80000,IT REALLY DOES WORK!Thank you so much for all that you teach me!Sharon Eaton


Dear Ed,

This letter serves as a reference for the ActionCoach program in general
and you in particular. Please feel free to use it as you please.

So, for whom it may concern – During the past few months, I have
participated with several other small business owners in the Pinehurst area
in evening seminars conducted by Ed. The topics have been very useful
and have always been clearly presented by Ed. The group setting has been
beneficial, as it has stimulated discussion between participants on the topic
of the evening. We have shared many experiences and learned from each

The ActionCoach materials are practical, no-nonsense guides meant to
focus a business owner’s attention to techniques that are essential to
business survival and growth. Besides appreciating the materials
themselves, I have found it very helpful to work with Ed and other
business owners, outside of the confines of my own business. That is, the
activity has helped clear my head!

Ed himself is a pleasure to work with. He is affable, yet always gets me to
the point. Besides our group meetings, Ed has met one-on-one with me
several times to understand both me and my business and the challenges
that I face. His advice has always been direct, thought provoking, and it
has boosted me into taking real “Action” to help my business.

I most genuinely recommend that any business owner take the time to meet
Ed and consider working with him.


Lew Kammer
ComForCare Senior Services


This is in place of a card as I don’t have the patience to hand write everything I want to say.

First, pat yourself on the back as every time I leave a meeting with you my head is spinning and I am
overwhelmed at the work I need to do.

Second, thank you for dragging me out of the depths of ignorance into the pale light of the possibility that I
may actually have control over my business.

Third, thank you for showing me that newspaper advertising is not the huge waste of money I thought it

Forth, thank you for making me see that systems are the tool that I can use to make my business to
succeed in spite of me (and employee turnover).

Thank you,

John Portman
Comfort Made Blinds




Dear Coach Ed:

We began coaching with you in June of this year. While we look forward to a long and
productive working relationship with you we wanted to express our thanks for helping us.

We have found you to be a person we can talk honestly to without beingjudged. We can

have fun, but you are serious about keeping us on track and improving our business. You
are the coach, as you always say. You were as concerned about our revenue/profit
situation as we were.

You gave us timely suggestions on how to re-start our sales efforts, how to comb through

our data base, scripts to use, marketing materials to send our clients/prospects and
generally how we could take positive steps to immediately to help our situation. We
brainstormed about using distributors and commissioned reps, about contacting end users
of our products, how to manage our office environment for more effective sales, and
much more.

The educational materials, books, DVDs and CDs have helped us tremendously. Thank

you for caring and for being the Coach. We have not completed our journey to improve
the business the way we want to, but we know we can. Thank you.


Larry Harri so
Pat Harrison

NSP Specialty Products 


Please find a note regarding your planning session with our sales associates. We appreciate
your work with them.

Ed Gideon recently provided our sales associates at Prudential Gouger O’Neal &
Saunders Real Estate with a business planning session. They enjoyed Ed’s presentation
and were pleased to have the opportunity to work with a professional coach to guide them
through the development and process of planning. Some of the specifics mentioned that
Ed encouraged them to incorporate into their business plan were positive affirmations, a
review of their daily plan to make sure the important elements of the day were not
forgotten and the benefit of a detailed written action plan.

With Sincere Thanks,

Kay E Beran

Prudential Gouger O’Neal & Saunders

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