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How can I be a Better Me, and I’m Already a Pretty Good Me

My work with you is about taking it to the next level, leadership, and mindset. Practical, easy to understand, easy to implement. This is not conjecture, it’s not taken from textbooks. It is my experience with senior executives for over 40 years. I worked with the Army’s senior Infantry officers and General Officers; as a consultant working with Bank and S&L CEOs in the 1980s during the deregulation of their industry; owner of very successful businesses; consulting with business owners/CEOs; and researching a broad set of  very successful executives. MY WORK WITH YOU IS BASED ON WHAT THEY DO, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

Have you ever thought to yourself: “Business is good, but am I doing the right things?”…. And the ‘things’ could be numerous and important. I could use a sounding board.

Do feel that you really can’t talk to your team members about critical decisions? They are subordinates and you need to keep that “separation.” Your spouse and a good friend are great people, but they truly do not understand what you are faced with. An experienced advisor to work with would be the answer.

Have you felt as though you are meant to achieve BIG things in life and in business and you just need that something extra?

You are a winner. You have the ability to make an impact in the world. You can make a difference. Could just a little more information and an experienced advisor help you get there?

Occasionally executives make decisions that seem “doable,” but end up costing the business not only money, but momentum, time and opportunities. The problems most Executives face today stem from decisions made in the vacuum of “sounded good at the time.” Those are the kind of decisions that produce profoundly negative results. It’s a gamble, just like dice. Why not even the odds.

RIGHT NOW IS where we change things and make a difference for you so you can…

Learn to Think and Act like a CEO.

“I want to be a better me, and I’m already a pretty good me.”

Connect with me, Ed Gideon. Set up a time to talk. No obligation. Let’s see if we make sense for each other. My testimonials, bio, resume will give you the comfort level to make the call.; Email>; or 336-255-0740 to make a time for us to visit.



You do not have to go at this by yourself. I typically work with clients for up to six months, then WE review whether we go forward or not. Some clients have stayed over 5 years. Or, you can select the 4-week program. Details when we speak.   

Here is a brief Bio (more is available on my website & LinkedIn):

Ed is a successful business owner and valued advisor to CEOs, entrepreneurs and professionals nationwide. He has been part of an ownership team that grew the company’s revenue by 4 times in less than a 5 year period, and later in his own business he doubled the revenue in 4 years. He has managed 300 employees, working 3 shifts, 24/7.

He has served as an advisor and aide to General Officers in the Army, and worked on a drilling rig in deep Southwest Texas in the Big Bend country. He has lived in a ghost town, and been a resident of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Ed has jumped out of aircraft in the Army’s Ranger training, and kept his feet firmly planted while raising 2 boys and helping them achieve Eagle Scout. He was an all-university intramural champion in football and baseball in college, and Commander of the Army ROTC Corps of Cadets.

Ed’s speaking and training engages the audience. He delivers with humor and relevance, and uses stories to set the message. He is a frequent speaker and college lecturer. Ed is also a frequent guest on the Sirius/XM (#142) radio production: A Matter Of Your Health: The 30 Minute Health Magazine. He is a member of the Program Advisory Council for South University, Greensboro, NC.
Ed is noted by his clients as someone who cares as much about their business as they do. Follow his blog and his LinkedIn contributions to learn more about his purpose and experience.

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